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Money Gram compensation payment

Money@Gram Compensation Program.
Money Gram Outlet
Siam Exchange,Bangkok,
Email: stvenchai1@gmail.com

Congratulation Dear Esteemed Customer.

Be informed that you have a US$2,500,000.00 Dollars award already Lodged in our Money@Gram Payment system to be transfer to you as a Compensation.

You have been awarded the sum of US$2,500,000.00 Dollars (Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollar Only) by Money Gram International as one of our customers who have patronized Money Gram in their daily business transactions. This promotion also includes everyone who regularly makes use of international payment services worldwide. The money gram payment award was drawn through our system where your email address was indicated and notified.

Money Gram compensation program is also currently compensating all scammed victims all over the world who has being affected by online internet scams.
Please you can read from the link below to confirm.

However, we received a power of attorney from your representative, Mr.James Powell, stating that you are very ill, and according to the power of attorney, you instructed that your funds should be transferred on his name: Mr. James Powell, Address: Texas,USA. In view of this developments, We have been able to make the first installment payment of ($20,000 dollars) on his name, but we are yet to release the payment/information to him until we have your confirmations.

To avoid undue delay or remitting the funds into a wrong individual/beneficiary's name, I have decided to contact you for confirmations before releasing the payment to him. If you fail to get back to me after 72 hours, it would be assumed that Mr. David Powell truly has your mandate to receive the funds on your behalf and the payment will be released to him until the full payment is completely remitted to him.

Therefore, if in case you did not instruct Mr. James Powell to claim your funds, you are urgently advised to reconfirm the following details listed below so that your funds will be reprogrammed for remittance in your name.

* Full Name:
* Sex: Age:
* Marital Status:
* Nationality:
* Country:
* Direct Address:
* Mobile Number:
* Office Number:
* Occupation:

Note; Please kindly provide TWO (2) names to receive cash immediately. Upon receipt of the above information you will be advised further to go and pick up your compensation fund's first batch of US$20,000.00.Dollars at any Money Gram outlet near you.

Contact the Email above after filling your details.

Once again congratulation, and have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Mr. Steven Chai
Payment Officer.
Money Gram International.

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